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Capture EVERY Shot

With the Mob Armor Action Camera Bundle, you can get the shots that you never thought possible. Designed primarily for vehicles and extreme sports, you can mount your GoPro camera practically anywhere with adjustable magnetic Pivot Mount, Claw Mount grabbing anything up to 2", and the Direct Magnetic Mount locking the camera down anywhere it can stick. All of this packaged in a zippered padded nylon shell case with space for a camera and additional accessories.


Nearly Unlimited Mounting Options

Between the Claw mount grabbing bars up to 2", and the magnetic mounts attaching anywhere ferrous (and beyond with included adhesive mounting discs), you'll be able to get the shot you've always dreamed of. Built with top quality aircraft-grade materials, these mounts can handle practically anything you throw at them.

Action Camera Bundle


Handlebar camera mount, with rigid claw capable of locking to tubing from .25" up to 2", easily adjustable with no tools needed. Ideal for GoPro camera mounting to safety handles, tables, roll-cages, handlebars - and just about anything else you can grip. 

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