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Need to magnetically mount your phone without the wireless charger? Pop the Mag FLEX Retro Cap on top of your mount for easy mounting with any of our MobNetic phone mounts.


If you use your wireless charger in your car, but have MobNetic phone mounts elsewhere in the house or shop, use the FLEX Retro Cap to create a seamless magnetic connection between the Mag FLEX Plate on your phone and the magnets on the mount.


The FLEX Retro Cap is a simple solution for using our FLEX system when not charging your device. With the phones MagSafe magnetic ring being larger than our tried and tested MobNetic magnetic mounting system, the FLEX Retro Cap increases the ferrous surface area between the MagSafe magnets / Mag FLEX Plate magnets, creating the strong magnetic bond between them and the 90lb pull-force magnets on our mount.

FLEX Retro Cap - Magnetic Mount

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