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Designed to work with our FLEX Magnetic Wireless Charger, the Mag FLEX Plate is a flush magnetic pad that creates a stronger magnetic bond when wireless charging. Also can be used as a light-duty flush magnetic phone mount.

Multi-Device Compatibility
The Mag FLEX Plate is designed to work with nearly any device and phone case that is capable of Qi Wireless Charging (such as Samsung Galaxy, LG, Motorola and HTC Android phones) or has MagSafe technology (iPhone 12, iPhone 13). Using the included mounting alignment guide, the Mag Flex Plate attaches adhesively to the center of the device, directly above the wireless charging coil. The magnetic array inside the plate does not interfere with the wireless charging technology, while creating a strong magnetic mounting bond between the phone and the charger.

Stronger Bond Than MagSafe
The proprietary Mag FLEX Plate adds to the already strong MagSafe connection and creates a strong magnetic bond from charger to device on Qi Wireless Charging devices.. The Mag FLEX plate keeps your device mounted and charging even on the roughest roads. The Mag FLEX Plate is only 2mm thick, so your device will slip flush into your pocket while still working with other wireless charging devices.

Mag FLEX Plate

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