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This universal window net is perfect for those in auto and off-road racing. Window nets prevent limbs going outside the vehicle and getting crushed during a rollover. They are also great for preventing rocks, dirt clods, or debris from flying into the cab. If you don’t have the time to create a custom window net for your vehicle, these square window nets are a great option for getting nets fast!

The net measures 18″ H x 24″ W and has slots on the top and bottom for a spring rod to be pushed through. Use our Window Net Spring Rod Mounting Kit to weld on tabs to your vehicle, and install the spring loaded rod through the slot in the net, and then into to tabs on the vehicle. The bottom rod is usually bolted or hard mounted to the vehicle frame or door.

Sold Individually. SFI 27.1 Certified for Racing

Mesh Window Net 18"x24" (SFI 27.1)

SKU: W40
  • A universal net that can be added to almost any vehicle
  • Keeps your limbs inside the vehicle during a rollover.
  • Also prevents rocks/debris from flying into the cab
  • Measures 18″H x 24″ W with two slots on top and bottom
  • Attach to you vehicle with a Window Net Rod Mounting Kit
  • SFI 27.1 Certified
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