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The most secure easy-access handlebar phone mount on earth. With a padded single-slide aluminum cradle that fits most phones and cases, as well as an adjustable, articulating claw that grabs tubes and bars up to 2", this claw phone holder is the ultimate adventure companion.


You love pushing the limits, whether that’s tearing up dirt trails on your ATV, cruising scenic routes on your motorcycle, or conquering rugged terrains in your UTV. But, amidst all that adrenaline-fueled fun, where does your trusty smartphone fit in? Enter the Mob Mount Claw: the ultimate solution to keep your device secure, accessible, and in perfect view, no matter the bumps or jumps along the way.


The Mob Mount Claw isn’t just any phone mount. Crafted from billet aluminum, durable thermoplastics, and cushy EVA foam, this cradle phone mount is built to withstand anything the great outdoors throws at it.

The screw-driven claw can be locked into place with a quick twist - no tools necessary for installation or adjustment. From handlebars and roll cages to tubes up to 2 inches in diameter, our innovative, adjustable claw base clamps down securely. Motorcycles, bikes, ATVs, UTVs — you name it, the Mob Mount Claw hangs on tight. 


This claw phone mount was built with security in mind. Whether or not you're cruising down the bike path on your road bike, hitting the backcountry on your ATV, UTV or side-by-side, or cruising the scenic highways on your motorcycle, the Mob Mount Claw will hold you device secure and in view throughout your journey.

The simple twist single-slide cradle means you can easily take your phone in and out of the cradle when you need directions, want to snap a picture, or take a phone call. This cradle phone holder was designed to work with practically any phone and any case - that's right, there is no additional special phone case needed! Just twist on your Claw, slide your phone into place, and get adventuring.


Big phone? Chunky case? No problem. Our adjustable cradle ensures a snug, wobble-free fit for phones and cases of all shapes and sizes - iPhones, Androids, and beyond.. The Mob Mount Claw also is capable of 70 degrees of tilt and 360 degrees rotation, allowing you to get the perfect viewing angle no matter the mounting location.

Mob Mount Switch Claw Large Black 2.0 - Phone Cradle Motorcycle, ATV, Truck

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