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The Direct Mounting Series durable phone holders are designed with device security in mind. Featuring a 2" wide solid metal mounting plate with two screw holes, this mount is the ultimate solution for semi-permanent phone mount in closed cab vehicles, warehouses, workshops, and more. 

The MobNetic Direct gives you an easy on-and-off phone mounting solution that can permanently attach to your dashboard or other surface. Perfect for fleets, first responders, truckers and more, the bottom of the MobNetic Direct features a 2" wide base with screw holes to affix to flat surfaces. With a 90lb pull-force magnet at the top of the mount, and a notched aluminum housing that allows for up to 90 degrees of tilt, you'll be able to adjust your phone or other device to the perfect viewing angle.  

MobNetic Direct - Mountable, Articulating Magnetic Phone Mount

  • MobNetic Direct
  • (2) Device Mounting Plates
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Instructions
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