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2016-2024 Polaris RZR XPT, Turbo R & PRO Turbo Blow Off Valve Kit

Fits ALL Polaris Turbo Models


Our BOV is a machined billet anodized unit. Our valves are machined to precision tolerances allowing for perfectly seated pistons that operate extremely smooth. This allows for the smoothest of throttle response and worry free BOV operation.
The RPM BOV is a MUST HAVE item to replace your machines that uses a plastic BOV that is known to warp OR a machine with no BOV at all!  

Our extremely detailed instructions make for an easy installation. We have tested over 5000 miles with our valve using a diverter tube vs a filter or outerwear and have had NO dust, build up, or sticking issues found with the cheap valves. Our conditions were a combination of dusty Centennial Wyoming trails, sandy river riding, dirt trail with mud, and river crossings. If you'd still like to run one, a filter with pre-filter IS include but not needed! 

Our BOV mounts in the stock location and no extras are needed! A billet plug is included for the markets loudest WOOSH noise from any BOV! The BOV is a direct factory replacement with perfect fitment.  This is common upgrade as the stock plastic BOV is prone to failure from warping.

Polaris RZR Turbo XPT, PRO XP, Turbo R Blow Off Valve (BOV) Kit

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