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The Mob Mount Magnetic is the ultimate solution in smartphone holders. This aluminum cradle phone mount comes with a powder coat finish for durability. With its unique, universal single-slide cradle, this is one of the most versatile magnetic dashboard mounts on the market.


In a world where your smartphone is more of a navigator, an entertainer, and a work buddy on-the-go, it deserves a throne as sturdy and reliable as the Mob Mount Magnetic. Say goodbye to constant phone rescues and hello to a seamless, secure, and stylish ride - with a simple single-slide cradle, aluminum ball housing and 90lb pull-force magnet for sturdy mounting, this dashboard phone holder will be your ultimate travel companion.


Crafted from billet aluminum and snugly padded EVA foam, the Mob Mount Magnetic is a magnetic phone mount built to cradle your phone safely, even on the roughest of roads. With a 90lb pull-force neodymium magnet, your phone isn't going anywhere, whether you're off-roading on rocky terrains, cruising down the highway, or boating through choppy waters. The Mob Mount Magnetic is the ultimate UTV phone mount, truck phone holder, and boat phone mount you've been waiting for!


Our unique single-slide cradle and adjustable ball housing ensure that any phone, in most cases, can ride securely with just one simple twist - no tools, special cases, or special prep required. Once your phone is mounted, you can tilt this car phone holder up to 90 degrees and rotate it 360 degrees, allowing you the perfect viewing angle no matter where you place it.

The Mob Mount Magnetic also comes with two adhesive mounting discs, allowing you to secure your mount on non-ferrous surfaces, expanding your world of possibilities. More mounting discs are always available for purchase if you have multiple vehicles, or just want different options in your favorite.

Mob Mount Switch Magnetic Large Black

  • Mob Mount Magnetic
  • (2) Adhesive Steel Mounting Discs
  • Safety Lanyard (for open-cab vehicles)
  • Installation Instructions & Warranty Info
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