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The future of Dunestars is expanding right before our eyes. We recently opened our first retail store, DS Motorsports, with a complete comprehensive service center. We exclusively endorse products that are used on our team driers' rides. 


Our store is conveniently located a few miles outside of Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Hart, Michigan. We are here to help you with anything and everything off-road related. Whether it's your first time at the dunes and need to get dune ready, or if it's your 20th year riding these dunes, we can hook you up with all new products and technology. 

Off-road toys always need something... maintenance, repairs, upgrades and more. This is your local one stop shop for everything off-road.

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At DS Motorsports, we're your ultimate destination for enhancing your off-road experience. We are a supplier for the leading top manufacturers in the industry. From vibrant LED lighting, to Rugged Radios to ensure clear communication on every adventure, we specialize in installing a wide range of upgrades tailored to your needs.


Elevate your comfort and safety with premium suspension seats, secure harnesses, and sturdy cages designed to withstand the toughest terrains. Wether you're seeking improved functionality, style, or safety measures, our expert team is dedicated to outfitting your ride with the latest and greatest accessories, ensuring you're ready to conquer any trip with confidence.


Trust us to bring your off-road vision to life. Big or small, give us a call, we'll install.

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We believe your UTV should be as unique as you are! That's why we offer personalized custom build services, allowing our customers to handpick aftermarket parts and accessories to create a UTV that reflects their style and preferences. 

With out extensive network of suppliers and connections, we can source everything from performance upgrades to aesthetic enhancements, ensuring your vision comes to life with precision and quality. Whether you're looking to add a pop of color with powder coating, achieve a sleek finish with paint, or customize with a distinctive wrap, our skilled team is here to make it happen with our network. 

Let us transform your UTV into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that stands out wherever your adventure takes you. 

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Accidents happen, especially with the off-roading lifestyle we all like to live and that's okay. When the unexpected happens we're here to get you back on the sand. We work with all insurance providers, providing seamless repairs and restoration services to bring your ride back to its prime condition.

From minor scratches to major collisions, our trained and knowledgeable technicians handle every aspect of the repair process with precision and expertise, ensuring your ride receives the care and attention it deserves. We know it sucks to be down your machine, that's what we're here for.

With our commitment to quality and efficient service you can trust us to navigate the insurance process smoothly and restore your ride to its pre-accident glory, so you can hit the trails and dunes with confidence once again.

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We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle running smoothly for every adventure. Our comprehensive maintenance services cover everything from routine oil changes to differential service, ensuring your vehicles perform at its best mile after mile.


With a team of skilled technicians who possess extensive knowledge and expertise, we guarantee that your UTV will be maintained to OEM specifications with meticulous attention to detail. 

Whether its preventative maintenance or addressing specific issues, you can trust us to provide reliable and efficient service so you can focus on enjoying the trill of the ride without worry. 

Keep your UTV in peak condition with DS Motorsports, your trusted partner in maintenance excellence. 

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We understand that the suspension is the unsung hero of every off-road adventure. Too often suspension is overlooked, however its actually one of the most critical components in achieving that perfect ride quality. That's why we offer comprehensive shock services, including tuning, valving, and rebuilding, all done in-house by our expert technicians.

Whether you're seeking to fine-tune your current set up or rebuild your suspension system entirely, we have the skills and equipment to get the job done right. 

As one of the only Schmidty Racing Garages in the nation, we're proud to uphold the highest standards of quality and performance in every aspect of our work. 

Let us elevate your ride to new heights of comfort, control and capability through our specialized shock services. 

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We pride ourselves on delivering professional-grade wiring services tailored to meet the demands of off-road adventures. With our meticulous attention to detail and expires in automotive-grade wiring, we ensure that every aspect of your vehicle's electrical system is thoroughly addressed and optimized for performance and reliability.


From custom installations to troubleshooting and repairs, our skilled technicians go above and beyond to deliver results that exceed expectations.


As part of our commitment and excellence, we provide comprehensive wiring labels for future projects, ensuring clarity and ease of maintenance down the road.


Trust us for precise, reliable and future-proof wiring solutions that keep your off-road experience electrifying.

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